About Itrica

We have entered the era of the 3rd Platform, where enterprises are moving beyond the client/server architectures as they look to handle more applications, more data and more mobile users through technologies such as software-defined storage, networking, virtualization and real-time data analytics. The 3rd Platform is transforming the face of IT by bringing web services to the masses and influencing and changing entire business operations. This fundamental shift will require businesses to align their business and IT goals to be successful.

Enterprises are entering a new age of IT characterized as the 3rd Platform and driven by the emergence of big data, social media, mobile, and cloud technologies. As organizations address these new business challenges, the C-suite is looking for innovative ways to use technology to better leverage data for deeper insights, foster smarter collaboration, accelerate time to market, and drive new revenue growth. Converged infrastructure is a key enabler on the path to the Third Platform, enabling CIOs to quickly deploy hardware while reducing the traditional CapEx and OpEx barriers to innovation.

Itrica Hyperconverged System gives you storage, network and compute all in one product from one vendor on commodity hardware, while still allowing you choice. Although a converged infrastructure comes from one vendor, with Itrica Hperconverged System you are still getting the best of breed, including EMC ScaleIO and Intel hardware. Itrica Hyperconverged System leverages your existing knowledge and skill set, including, resource management and resource policies.

Data Centers

Itrica’s virtual data centers were designed from the ground-up to serve the extraordinary functional and security requirements of medical-grade clinical drug trial processes.

Now open for the first time to all mission-critical enterprises, Itrica sets the highest possible bar for performance, availability, scalability and security, combined with unmatched levels of fully automated process and policy-based governance and service-level compliance.

Itrica provisions data center assets to SSAE-16-compliant standards under an exclusive business model that facilitates enterprise-class virtualization at costs that are both rigorously scalable and wholly economical. And our proprietary QoS processes are managed on constantly updated, fully redundant and fault-tolerant hardware (updated every 18 months) from industry-leading innovators like VMware and EMC to ensure incomparable and dependable performance.

Itrica’s global array of best-of-breed partners deliver converged network infrastructure assets from ultra-secure, mission-critical data center locations for every geographical requirement.

Data Centers – Itrica’s Worldwide Reach

  • Las Vegas – Tier IV
  • Miami – Tier IV
  • Boston
  • London (coming soon)

Our History

In 2006, Itrica was born from a simple need: a clinical trial drug study group wanted to accelerate the process of recruiting clinical trial participants and analyzing the recruiting results. Prevailing industry technologies and tools approached data analysis from a purely technical standpoint, failing to apply intelligent analytics to draw conclusions from the raw data. Moreover, firms that understood data had little understanding of the rigors of compliance in the clinical trial world.

Itrica not only solved the analytics challenge, but with an understanding of the uncompromising importance of regulatory compliance and governance in the medical industry, we integrated rigorous processes into every step of developing and deploying our technology offerings. These built-in processes make Itrica’s service levels and quality of service virtually impossible to compromise. The result is a set of complete and comprehensive solutions that appeals not only to technologists, but also to the entire C-suite, as well as regulators and compliance officers.

Itrica’s long proven systems development lifecycle process continues to support the technology initiatives of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies in addition to serving retail, insurance, manufacturing, high tech, and many other mid-market to large scale enterprises. Our SDLC consistently delivers compliant, transparent, validated technology solutions with specialties in software development, infrastructure delivery, and hyper-converged compute platforms.


Itrica’s core leadership team hails from some of the most prestigious Fortune 500 companies in the technology industry. Our team also holds a mix of start-up and mid-market technology experience, giving Itrica clients the assurance of a partner who has been in their shoes and can both relate to and understand their unique challenges. Itrica has offices in Bedford, New Hampshire and Quincy, Massachusetts, with additional employees around the globe. For companies looking to partner with an industry leader that understands the most challenging regulated industries, data, storage, governance, and compliance, they need look no further than Itrica.