Announcing Leapfrog

Workload & Storage Migration

Transitioning your workloads and storage has never been easier. Itrica’s Leapfrog platform provides the tools, process, and validation to ensure predictable transitions between racks or geographies.

Itrica’s Leapfrog platform was purpose built to meet the growing demand for medium and large enterprises to grow infrastructure faster and more predictably. Initially used exclusively for Itrica’s internal operations, this proven platform is now available external to Itrica’s Cloud.

Itrica Leapfrog 4 Steps for Success

1. Discovery

During the discovery phase Itrica performs a comprehensive assessment of the existing environment. This is inclusive of applications, virtualization technology, current performance and more. Further, the team will establish the priority of application services and timeframes required to meet business needs during migration tasks.

2. Evaluation & Planning

This is the analysis phase of Leapfrog. Data gathered during the Discovery phase established processes, toolsets, timelines, an overall move strategy and more. This important phase of the project forms test and validation plans and also establishes processes for safety nets during the migration process.

3. Test

The Test phase is when Itrica puts the rubber to the road. This is a validation phase to ensure the success of established protocols including data integrity and move times. Application validation is also included during this phase. At this critical point final changes can be made to the plan prior to a mutual agreement to move to the final phase.

4. Execute

Finally, the magic happens. Execute puts all teams at the ready and the new environment receives final preparation for the move. Itrica sets their sites on automatic as our team follow validated processes and procedures under the direction of an Itrica Project Manager. As we flip the switch to new environments we also start the wheels to decommission legacy infrastructure according to the Leapfrog plan.

Ready to Leapfrog?

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