Software Defined Storage For Every Use Case

Custom, purpose-built systems - based on customer requirements - tested and optimized for scale out standalone SAN or hyperconverged deployments.

Industry Leading Capabilities in Purposed Software Defined Storage

Much more than maximizing storage capabilities – designed for flexibility and scale, meeting multiple needs, in multiple deployment scenarios.

To stay ahead of the innovation curve, the enterprise datacenter needs components that deliver the best results. That means choosing the optimal elements in a validated Converged Infrastructure design, with the flexibility to add innovative technologies as they reach the market and as the company’s IT needs change.

Itrica’s knowledge of both commercial and Open Source based software defined solutions allows us to build a solution that meets business, technical, and budget requirements.  Our validated, proven reference architecture delivers consistent results via the Itrica automation platform.  Itrica, specializing in both EMC ScaleIO and CEPH deployments, can provide solutions for high performance production needs, frozen backup storage, and everything that falls between.  Most importantly, we deliver an agile solution that is resilient, easily upgradable, and meets your budget.

Expert EMC ScaleIO Services to Implement Your Software-defined Storage

ScaleIO is a software-defined solution that delivers 10X better server performance, massive scalability, and 60 percent savings versus traditional storage area networks.

Itrica is one the industry’s most experienced, and knowledgeable EMC ScaleIO service partners. In addition to a longstanding partnership with EMC, and experience with their ScaleIO certification program, Itrica has designed additional layers of service for automation and mass-scale deployment capabilities of ScaleIO.

Once you complete an assessment of your business needs to determine how a ScaleIO software-defined storage solution can meet your needs, the next step is to implement your plans to build the ScaleIO environment. Itrica provides three distinct ScaleIO services to help you accomplish this task:

Deployment Model & Service Type

Hosted – In our cloud
Hyper-converged Hosted – Dedicated Itrica hardware
Private Cloud – Managed by Itrica on customer premise

Additional services such as Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Backup and Archive may be layered for those who prefer a turnkey, one-stop approach.

Itrica Hyper-converged System Helps Manage Your Growing Data

Itrica’s software defined storage implementations combined with the industry’s top hypervisor platforms including VMware and KVM equal a hyper-converged environment providing storage and compute in an easily scalable platform. Leveraging Itrica’s extensive experience with EMC’s ScaleIO product as a foundation the Itrica Cloud Appliance platform provides the opportunity for customers to deploy a scalable solution in either a hosted or on premise environment. The Itrica toolset provides web based interfaces and API access for virtual machine and storage management. As always, our solutions assemble proven technology standard to meet your needs guaranteeing uptime, performance, quality, and compliance.