Next Generation IT Infrastructure

With a proven consultative approach focused on customer requirements and value, Itrica enables partners and customers with new technologies while optimizing their IT infrastructure.

Managed Infrastructure Services

Itrica makes it easy to get a private cloud with the EMC ScaleIO features and controls you need. Since we take care of deploying and operating your cloud infrastructure inside our partners’ datacenters, you can focus on building your applications and improving your time to value.

With hundreds of production enterprise deployments under our belt, Itrica has built unparalleled expertise in managing ScaleIO clouds. Our managed ScaleIO service includes 24×7 support by our customer success team, so that you always have resources available when you need them. We monitor, detect and resolve issues quickly and improve your cloud’s availability. Additionally, we provide ongoing cloud operations: backup/restore, change management, and incident management.

Choice & Flexibility

  • Hosted or on premise
  • Itrica appliances (hyper-converged system); commodity hardware
  • Hypervisor Choice: VMware or KVM
  • Any storage device: SSD (SATA, SAS, PCIe NVMe), HDD


  • Full service hosting options
  • VM-level Storage Management
  • Completely integrated into the virtualization UI

Cost Effectiveness

  • Lower CAPEX: Appliance or commodity hardware
  • Lower OPEX: Less power, cooling, space
  • Lower OPEX: Simplified management

Scalability & Performance

  • Scale out and scale up
  • Scale compute and storage independently
  • Flash/HDD hybrid and all flash configurations
  • Log-based data layout

Managed Cloud on Hosted Infrastructure

Itrica manages critical IT infrastructure in top datacenters worldwide with the resources and expertise to deliver business-ready services that provide predictable and consistent results. With strong ties to leading hardware and software manufacturers, Itrica has the resources to provide effective solutions that solve business problems and increase efficiency.

Itrica’s service delivery is driven by process that starts with a customer interview and ends with service automation and validation. This repeatable process combined with Itrica’s Business Analyst and Project Management resources provide quality, consistent, regulatory compliant, and reliable solutions. Itrica’s Managed Infrastructure services meet customer needs at a predictable, competitive price with the agility to provide both on premise and hosted customer environments.

Managed Infrastructure On-Premise

Itrica has deployed numerous production ScaleIO instances, and has a small army of EMC ScaleIO experts available to help our customers make the most of this powerful and complex technology. Our ScaleIO Managed Services for on premise clouds enable you to benefit from everything we have learned during these deployments, so that you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your cloud is being operated by the industry experts.

With our Managed Services solutions for on premise and on-demand deployments, you can trust Itrica to manage that complexity for you, and focus your attention on delivering value to your customers and stakeholders.