Ensure Business Continuity with the Itrica Disaster Recovery as a Service

Reduce implementation and maintenance requirements and provide superb recovery experience vs. traditional Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery as a Service

When disaster strikes, the loss of data, revenue and customers can be critical to business survival. A disaster plan can help ensure data is safe and business is capable of resuming as usual, working through failover and restore procedures. Itrica has partnered with Zerto to offer Disaster Recovery as a Service, an enterprise hypervisor-based replication technology for hosted private cloud customers.

The Itrica Disaster Recovery as a Service makes migration of your data quick and painless. If there is an impending disaster, our customers can failover to a different datacenter, then restore when things return to normal without any additional cost.

Service Benefits & the Value to Your Business

  • Short RPO and RTO – With predictable, consistent block-level replication, Itrica targets aggressive Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) – we mean minutes and seconds, respectively.
  • Storage Agnostic – We can replicate any type of data. No need for special hardware.
  • Leading Technology & Service – The partnership of Itrica and Zerto provides enterprise-class disaster recovery for virtualized infrastructure and expert knowledge of continuous uptime and accessibility.